Gill Hamilton
Artist Information/Statement

Born in Lancashire in 1953, I attended Burnley Art College and Ripon College of Education studying Art and Education.
After early retirement from teaching I began to develop my art practice in earnest, settling on the genre of still life as my speciality.
Drawing has always been at the centre of my practice and I keep my skills honed by regularly drawing from life, both from the nude and the clothed model.
I endeavour to elevate the overlooked incidentals of daily life into something more interesting and important. Thinking of my paintings as portraits, I find imperfection in a subject more interesting than perfection and like to portray things as they are with all their marks, blemishes and signs of a life lived.
My inspiration comes from traditional still life masters as well as more contemporary artists such as Felicity House, Alison Watt and Kenne Gregoire.
I work from my studio at home in Cheshire and am a member of the Altrincham Society of Artists in the UK and the Rockport Art Association in Massachusetts, USA.